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This section contains a range of tapes available from recognised manufacturers. Our 'Croytape' range includes adhesive, non-adhesive and woven tapes, which are suitable for a variety of applications including electrical insulation, harnessing and sealing.

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Adhesive Tapes

These tapes are available in different adhesive systems, including rubber thermosetting, acrylic and silicone bases, and in a number of different tack strengths. All substrates, which includes paper, cotton, polyester, glass, Nomex® and Kapton®, are available in a number of thicknesses and in many cases, a variety of colours. 

Non-Adhesive and Woven

These materials include traditional and natural products such as cottons and papers, together with modern polymeric materials and electrical grade glass.

The woven materials offer their very own unique properties and have a wide variety of applications, and are particularly suitable for use with varnishes and impregnation systems.

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    This tape, made from polyimide film, is an electrical insulation ...

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    Consisting of a polyester film with a pressure-sensitive silicone ...

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