When Croylek Limited decided to exhibit at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show in Farnborough, the company outlined a few objectives to achieve. Attending the exhibition would provide the perfect platform to raise the profile of the company within the manufacturing sector, whilst the exhibition itself would act as a means to showcase Croylek’s growing manufactured parts and conversion capabilities.

In addition to showcasing the company’s production capabilities, the intention was to create an engaging and interactive experience for those who visited the exhibition stand.

The team at Croylek designed and created an interactive poll for visitors to take part in, and more importantly, relate to. The poll, which was available throughout the two-day exhibition, simply asked one question: ‘What Qualities Do You Value Most In  A Supplier?’ and offered 5 possible answers.

A month prior to the exhibition, an online version of the poll was created in order to build up interest, whilst aiming to engage with its desired target audience. Croylek Limited was one of the few companies that chose to run an engagement campaign, not only at the two-day exhibition but a month prior to the exhibition’s opening.

Both online and exhibition polls proved to be very effective in attracting answers from individuals within the electrical, engineering and manufacturing industry as well as individuals from well-known brands.

Participants were given the option to choose from one of the following five answers:

•    Quality + Reliability
    Speed + Flexibility
•    Financial Security
•    Service + Communication
•    A Partnership Approach

Exhibition & Online Poll Results:

What Qualities Do You Value Most In A Supplier Poll Results


The research itself provided Croylek with an overview of what various individuals within the industry thought to be the most valuable quality in suppliers. It is perhaps not surprising that the participant’s answer was very much influenced by their individual job function. For example, participants who were involved in research, design and development projects expressed a particular need for quality and reliable products.

Overall, the poll was very reassuring for the management of Croylek Limited who have always believed in and built the company’s reputation around quality products and reliable supply.