Chartlotte Sanders on Mount Kilimanjaro


On Tuesday 23rd August 2016 at around midday (and after a gruelling over-night climb), I summited Mount Kilimanjaro and stood on the roof of Africa. It was the most brutal challenge of my life, battling through altitude sickness and temperatures plummeting to -25°C. However it was not all in vain and challenges like these are nothing compared to what the children (that Childreach international endeavour to help) go through every day.


Before the climb, we visited one of the schools our group had raised money for. This school was for deaf children and the money we raised was helping to build dormitories allowing the children to continue their education by learning a trade (either carpentry or tailoring). The £95,000 that my team raised allowed us to change the lives of children in a country stricken by poverty and lacking employment opportunities.


This could not have been achieved without the kind sponsorship from Croylek Ltd.


I was so humbled by not only experiencing climbing the mountain but also getting an insight into life as a child living in Africa. This included the excitement as the children showed us their new beds (a wire bed frame with no mattress and merely a blanket for comfort). For them, this was pure luxury.


It is so important that we allow these children’s voices to be heard and help them reach their full potential. I am incredibly grateful to Croylek for helping me in my journey; pushing myself to the limit and experiencing an adventure like no other, all for such an incredible cause.


Childreach in Africa