As London Underground celebrates its 150th anniversary, Croylek Limited pays tribute to the world’s oldest underground network.

As millions of passengers make their daily commute on the London Underground, they will no doubt notice that today’s commute is slightly different from any other day. This is because the London Underground is celebrating its 150th birthday, making it the oldest underground in the world.


The first stretch of the world-famous network opened on the 9th January 1863, with the first passenger journeys taking place the following day between Paddington and Farringdon on the Metropolitan Railway.


As time passed, the technology and equipment required to manufacture, maintain high standards and develop a 21st century underground network became more advanced. For many years, Croylek Limited has assisted the London Underground in achieving their development and safety aims by supplying various products for Rolling Stock, Track Side Applications and Maintenance. The most notable product is perhaps VSR 10, a Silicone Impregnated Glass Fibre Braided Sleeving, which is fully compliant with LUL Standard 1-085-A1 (Fire Safety Performance of Materials).

VSR 10 is the only specified insulation sleeving for trains operating on the underground network. It is specified for its excellent fire performance. VSR 10 possesses a high Oxygen Index of 64.5%, which makes it extremely difficult to ignite. This property, along with the products low smoke/fume and zero halogen properties offer exceptional performance and safety should a fire ever break out on the network that extends to 249 miles (402km) of which 45% are tunnels.


Individuals, including the Mayor of London, and companies, have paid tributes to the London Underground. There will be a series of events to mark the anniversary, starting with the recreation of the first passenger journey using a Metropolitan Railway steam locomotive and coaches on the 13th of January.


Once again, Congratulations on 150 years from all at Croylek Limited!