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About Us

Founded in 1964, Croylek Limited has established itself as a leading supplier of electrical, mechanical and thermal insulation products/materials, including harnesses and sleevings.

The company stocks an excellent range of insulation products directly from well known manufacturers. Being a global supplier, means we are capable of sourcing specialist materials all over the world in order to provide you with effective solutions.

Innovation is a major aspect of Croylek’s ongoing strategy. As a result, the company invests heavily on the most up-to-date industry technology. The purpose built, complete processing facility, which boasts the use of CAD/CAM machinery, allow us to supply both small and large quantities of converted products to suit the needs of the customer as well as the application.

Croylek takes pride in the quality of its products and the ability to offer excellent customer service (from enquiry through to delivery) makes us the first choice company. This is proven through its ISO 9001:2008 certification.

With over 50 years in the industry, Croylek staff can certainly offer back-up, service and knowledge, coupled with technical support for whatever query you might have.

Croylek-About Us 

Our History

Since its founding in 1964, Croylek Limited has continually developed as a business year on year. The aim was (and always will be) to provide our industrial, electrical and electro-mechanical customers with high quality insulation materials and products.

Here is a brief look at our history:

1963 - Croylek Limited was registered.

1964 - Croylek Limited began trading. The office was originally located in South Croydon. The original company focus was towards the provision of products and services to customers in traditional industries such as ‘Electric Motor Manufacture & Repair’ and ‘Coil Winding’.

1979 - Due to the rapid growth and success of Croylek, the company relocated to its new premises in Coulsdon, Surrey.

1998 - The company attained ISO 9000 certification.

1999 - Croylek went through a successful management buyout. This resulted in a change of strategy, which provided Croylek with the opportunity to explore and successfully enter different industry sectors, where our existing product range was of high interest and value. The company also expanded on its value-added processing capabilities and offered customers in specific industries a wide range of processed parts.

2006 - As part of our global development strategy, the first Croylek overseas office was opened in Hong Kong in order to provide products and services to the Far East market, with emphasis on mainland China.

2007 - Croylek Limited underwent Phase 1 of its warehouse and head office redevelopment, which resulted in the company doubling its floor space and trebling its stock volume. The Coulsdon branch successfully acquired the Croylek Somerset branch, taking over its operations.

2011 - Croylek Limited purchased the trading rights and business activities of Vulcascot Industrial Laminates Ltd. This enhanced Croylek’s position in the Industrial Laminates market, whilst providing an excellent platform to promote its range of Croylam products. 

2014 - Croylek Limited celebrates its 50th anniversary.

At the centre of its success, Croylek values the strong relationship it has with customers and suppliers. The aim is to maintain and develop these partnerships whist looking forward to the future, working closely with clients on new and exciting projects around the world.

Visions, Goals & Values

At Croylek, we are motivated and determined to achieve our overall Vision!

Vision - Become The Trusted Supplier & Partner

Goal - Well recognised in our industry sectors

Value - Partnerships, Innovation, Individuals & Trust

We believe our company Values will enable us to achieve our Goals. Once achieved, our Goals will enable us to realise the Vision.

Quality Assurance

Quality you can count on...

Since the company was founded in 1964, the aim has always been to provide clients with high quality, in both products and services. Whether we are processing or supplying products for a big or small project, Croylek ensures that its products are vigorously tested to guarantee they adhere to national and international standards and specifications. We aim to save our customers money but never at the expense of quality.

Croylek Limited has a well established Quality Management System, certified since 1998 to internationally recognised standards. The company currently holds an ISO 9001:2008 certification for the following activities:

Manufacture, Distribution, Conversion and Supply of Electrical, Mechanical and Thermal Insulation 

In addition, Croylek has attained ‘Quality’ recognition and approvals from world class blue chip organisations. Regular audits are essential to ensure the company is meeting its required business performance. Regular contact is made with clients, to find out first hand and to ensure the company’s high standards are continuously met.

The policy on continual improvement, with a commitment to Quality Management is important to Croylek, to ensure the continuous supply of competitively priced, quality products when and where required. 

Croylek - ‘The Professional Advantage’